The Lobotanist

Burn if You're Sick & Tired of The City

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The Lobotanist Functionals - Burn if You're Sick & Tired of The City

Picture this: traffic, looming deadlines, incessant noise, overwhelming stimulation, and distractions - all fading away with just one burn. Allow the crisp, green, and vibrant aroma to transport you from the weariness and negativity accumulated from city living into a space where everything is expansive, fluid, and radiant.

Packaging Travel Tin Can - 80 Sticks + 1 Lighter
Size 3.5" - Burns for 15 Minutes

Smolder:     ○○○
Scent:   ●●●●
Linger Time:   ○○


Notes Sandalwood, Patchouli, Clove and other natural ingredients
Ideal For SMALL <   ●●●○○ > BIG Spaces