• Wear your peace and light up every moment in these lovingly-crafted coverups, intentionally cleansed by ceremonial grade incenses.

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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying!

Incense Products to Cleanse a Space



Non-Burning Incense

Discovery Sets

Starter Kit, Bundles & Gift Sets

"Best Quality Incense #trustmeonthisone"

- Ellen Adarna

"It's Definitely Organic!"

"I tried both actually and sumakto someone booked a reading!

The smoke was very dense (?) Hahaha basta mas marami siya versus the typical incense/sacred wood.

The Scent was subtle and pleasant and doesn't have a burnt smell.

It's definitely organic since it didn't make my nose throat and lungs hurt...


"Oh my gosh, it smelled like heaven"

Was finally able to try the Palo Santo Incense last night, oh my gosh, it smelled like heaven. Excellent for smudging spaces, i don't have to walk around with a burning stick leaving a trail of embers everywhere. Excellent quality, and absolutely worth the price. Im excited to try the 7 herb one next! :)


"Your stuff is amazing"

"Grabe, your incense sticks particularly the Palo Santo is so potent! The smell, the smoke, wow! ! will never buy the usual palo santo stick that is usually sold online. Your stuff is amazing


".. The sandalwood incense. It's wonderful!"

"Hi! Tried the sandalwood incense. It's wonderful! It has a delicate. but lasting sandalwood scent that lingers around the room and leaves me serene. Thank you for this experience.