About Us

What is The Lobotanist

Lobotanist is a wordplay between Lobotomy (A highly controversial form of psychosurgery prevalent during the 1950s) & Botanist (One who studies plants, fungi and other organisms). 

The Reason our Fire Burns

The Lobotanist’s main goal is to offer products that can aid in Cognitive, Intuitive, and Spiritual healing specifically through scented & sacred smolder products. The Lobotanist only carries high quality soradaki, ceremonial incense & natural vapor products from across the globe. From ceremonial-grade incense sticks like Wanchako’s 100% Pure Pressed Palo Santo Incense (Peru) to the more subtle, elegant and spellbinding daily meditation & soradaki incense sticks of The Temple of Incense (UK). The Lobotanist brings home some of the world’s best when in comes to scented & sacred smolder products.