Discover Your New Frequency: Restore Inner Harmony with Our Sound Healing & Mindfulness Classes

Begin your healing journey with us and discover clarity, joy, and grace as you embrace your life's new frequency. Experience relaxation and mindfulness through our unique classes, guided by refined, gentle high vibrational frequencies and ceremonial-grade incenses.

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Read what our participants have to say
about their experience.

Scroll right to hear what our participants have to say about their experience.

"Deepest and most trancendental sound healing class i've experienced so far! Everything is so vivid"

- Ralph G.

"I swear i had the best sleep last night and i know it was because of your session!"

- Hiroko S.

"It was very physical for me, i was crying & shaking but not from emotions. It's like my body is realigning itself on its own! 
- Vet T. 

Our Incense-Guided Sound Healing & Mindfulness Classes

Start your healing and mindfulness journey with us. We offer you our version of decompression and relaxation through
high-vibrational frequencies, refined energy work, and multi-sensorial classes.

A memorable & healing transcendental experience.

Different depths of experience requires
different space designs

We zoom in on things that matter, like comfort and the depth of connection, when we design our spaces. Check out the different
space designs we've crafted to welcome you.

Yoga Studio.jpg__PID:42a1192e-a456-4070-9ee0-c6eb8475053d

Our standard classes are held in our partner studios across Metro Manila. These classes serve as an excellent entry point for curious individuals to explore their healing journey through high-vibrational frequencies and aromas.

Space Design: Community

Physical Space: Yoga Studio Set Up

Number of Participants per Class:
15 Max

Yoga mat situation. Bring your own yoga mat (some studios offer some mats to be borrowed but not always guaranteed)

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The Lobotanist is a  Proud
Co-Founder of Aruga Collective

Arugâ (2).png__PID:f92f6181-a6b5-46b2-98a1-a67cd49b8eb7

We are thrilled to announce our role as a proud co-founder of the Aruga Collective. This unique community of multi-modality and multi-sensorial healers is dedicated to sharing the transformative benefits of high-vibrational frequencies.

Aruga Collective offers a variety of classes across Metro Manila, each designed to guide individuals on their journey to healing, relaxation, and decompression.

Our diverse range of classes provides a welcoming space for everyone to explore and experience different paths to well-being.Join us and discover the powerful impact of holistic healing through the Aruga Collective.