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Basic Ceramic Burner - Small

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IMPORTANT: We choose the color of your ceramic burner randomly depending on the available stock. We cycle between Mute Gray, Mute Brown & Dirty white all in satin finish. 

Incense Burner Specifications
Material: Ceramic
Size:  5x10x5 CM
Color: Depends upon availability of stocks
Finish: Matte / Natural Finish
Ideal For: Camphor resin + PUReSINS Line. Please take note that this burner conducts moderate heat. Some of your PUReSINS might take time to burn. Royal Green Hojari Frankincense will have a very subtle & linear burn as compared to using our FILZ Resin & Wood Chip Burner that enables the resin's aroma to be released fully having a Top, Mid & Base notes during its entire burn. 
Custom: Never leave your burning incense unattended. Please cover your ceramic bowl with a foil when burning resins OTHER THAN Camphor. Some resins particularly the soft & semi-hard ones are very sticky and it would be hard if not impossible to clean your ceramic burner. 


1. For Shoyeido Daily Japanese Incense Sticks (Long 23 CM) It is recommended to split the incense stick into two to fit in this incense burner.
2. For other incense sticks that are longer than 20CM, please cut or shorten the bamboo stem. 


How to use - Camphor Resins

1. Choose a coin-sized Camphor Resin & put it on your ceramic burner
2. Light a candle and place it inside the candle compartment
3. Wait for your Camphor resin to heat up
4. Enjoy.


How to use - PUReSINS Line

1. IMPORTANT: You can use this burner to enjoy our PUReSINS line but make sure you cover your ceramic incense bowl with aluminum foil. Some resins from our PUReSINS line are very sticky. It would be impossible to remove them once they melt and stick on your ceramic incense burner. 
2. Choose & place your resin on your ceramic burner. Different resins from our PUReSINS line have different intensity. Make sure you put enough. 
3. Light a candle and place it inside the candle compartment
4. Wait for your resins to heat up and release aroma. 
5. Enjoy
6. Remove and discard the aluminum foil after every burn. 
7. Repeat steps 1-4

1. Light up your chosen incense stick.
2. Let it burn for 5-10 seconds
3. Fan / Blow the flame out
4. Place the incense stick inside your bamboo incense burner. 
5. Cover the smoldering incense with the provided lid.
6. Let your incense stick smolder completely.
7. Discard / shake-off ashes and debris in a trash bin.