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Citronella Incense Cones

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All About Premium Citronella Cones

Introducing our Citronella Incense Cones, carefully infused and dusted with real citronella essence and our signature ceremonial-incense dust mix, bringing a delightful touch of nature's freshness to your surroundings. Immerse yourself in the crisp, citrusy fragrance of citronella, renowned for its natural insect-repelling properties and invigorating scent. Transform any space into an oasis of relaxation and peace with the soothing ambiance these cones offer. Let each burn transport you to a tranquil outdoor haven. Experience the essence of citronella like never before.

Longer burning than an average cone 30mins +

20 luxury Citronella cones in a jar. 50 grams in total.

- Ethically hand-made with love
- Non-toxic
- Cruelty-free
- Vegan incense sticks

Size per Stick: 3CM x 1.5CM
Format: Pressed Incense Cones
Burning Time: 20-25 Minutes of Continuous burning