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Sweet Myrrh (Opoponax) 35G

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The Lobotonist PUReSINS line is a collection of pure & high-grade incense resins sourced from across the globe. A complete line catering to the discerning burner, each The Lobotanist PUReSINS variety carries a delicate and multifaceted aroma that will allure your senses and ignite your soul. Ranging from the rarest and highest grade of Frankincense to the more subtle Copal varieties that are considered to be spiritual staples, The Lobotanist PUReSINS line invites everybody to dive deeper in their incense burning journey. Consider PUReSINS as a closer study in understanding and appreciating incenses in their pure form, the way ancient civilizations and our ancestors do it. 
All About Sweet Myrrh (Opoponax)
Opoponax, like myrrh and numerous other resins, belongs to the genus Commiphora.

Where the name Opoponax comes from is a mystery. Opoponace is Latin for "opponent" and perhaps the name is intended to clarify the "competition" with myrrh.

Opoponax is in fact also often called "sweet myrrh" (but the epithet is also borne by the guggul), because the resin basically carries fragrance properties that are typical "Commiphora", but while, for example, the real myrrh is very bitter in the fragrance profile, the Opoponax resin actually has some sweetness.
‘The wave of warm, sweet scent washed over me:  it smelled of aged whiskey, mahogany shavings and bitter caramel, but it was also velvety and powdery.’  The resin is extracted from the bark of the Commiphora eyrthraea tree (mostly from Somalia), and is also known as ‘sweet myrrh’.  (It’s sometimes spelled opopanax, too, with an ‘a’.)