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Deep Sacred Vibrations Flow - An Advanced Healing & Transcendental Sound Journey

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Deep Sacred Vibrations Flow

Take your sound healing journey to a whole new level with our Deep Sacred Vibrations Flow class. Enjoy all the benefits of our Sacred Vibrations Flow class in a more intimate and immersive setting. Held in V432 Wellness’ state-of-the-art Sound Healing studio, this class offers a truly captivating experience. Designed by musicians, V432 Wellness' studio features a unique sound recirculator dome that enhances and prolongs the vibrations, making them more vibrant and powerful.

With an extended handpan flow and our most vivid incense offerings, this class provides a captivating and profound healing journey. The melodic handpan rhythms combined with sacred aromas help you explore memories and emotions with greater clarity and ease. Limited to just 5 participants, each session ensures personalized and extended energy work, along with utmost comfort through provided cushions, pillows, bolster pillows, and eye masks.

Class Overview

 Energy Work Intensity Light < ●●○○ > Intense
Designed For Beginner < ●●●○ > Advanced
Max Number of Pax per Class 5 pax per class
Space Design Intimate
Class Facilities Sound Healing Studio - Designed by musicians and features a sound recirculator dome that bounces back; prolongs & makes the resonance of the bowls more vibrant. 

Cushioned Comfort. Studio will provide cushions, pillows, bolsters, eye pillows & blanket to make you feel toasty during the entire class.