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Ebony Incense Burner - Large

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Incense Burner Specifications
Material: Pure Ebony Wood
Size:  23.5CM x 2CM x 3.5CM
Color: Black
Finish: Satin
Ideal For: All Incense Sticks - Works well with Japanese Incense Sticks / Doesn't work for dhoop sticks & cones. 
Max Stick Length: 20 CM
Custom: With fire retardant / resistant cotton. Safe for burning. Never leave your burning incense unattended. 


1. For Shoyeido Daily Japanese Incense Sticks (Long 23 CM) It is recommended to split the incense stick into two to fit in this incense burner.
2. For other incense sticks that are longer than 20CM, please cut or shorten the bamboo stem. 


How to use 
1. Light up your chosen incense stick.
2. Let it burn for 5-10 seconds
3. Fan / Blow the flame out
4. Place the incense stick inside your bamboo incense burner. 
5. Cover the smoldering incense with the provided lid.
6. Let your incense stick smolder completely.
7. Discard / shake-off ashes and debris in a trash bin.