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Incense Sand (White)

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Incense Sand

Fine white incense sand that you can use for your incense burners. Incense sand is widely used for its versatility. Capable of holding any incense format there is (Cones, Dhoops, Sticks, Japanese Incense Sticks and Pressed Incense Sticks). Incense sand can turn any vessel / ceramic bowls or just your ordinary tea cups into simple but effective incense burners.

Some benefits & uses of Incense Sand

1. Effectively holds any incense.
2. Can be used to extinguish any incense (Natural Sage wands included). Just stick/bury the burning part or end of your incense and wait for 45seconds to 1 minute.
3. Reusable (As long as you regularly sift out any clumps, wood & herb particles, your incense sand will always look good as new)