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Wanchako Palo Santo + Rosemary

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All About Wanchako

Wanchako Is a family company located in PERU , ubicated in Huanchaco, Trujillo, north coast of Peru near the area where the magical and mystical Palo Santo tree mainly grows. Local artisans primarily from Trujillo handcrafts and develops high-quality, sustainable & ecological products that Wanchako is locally known for.

100% Certified Sustainable

Wanchako is 100% SERFOR Certified Sustainable. Wanchako only uses Palo Santo that comes from a forest managed, authorized and certified by Peru’s Ministry of Agriculture. Each Wanchako incense comes from NATURALY FALLEN OLD PALO SANTO TREES & BARKS that has remained in the ground for a minimum of 3-4 years. No unnecessary logging, no killing of trees just pure devotion and intention from the moment Wanchako’s artisans sort out fallen palo santo trees & barks till the moment you light one up. This is the very reason why intuitive workers who use Wanchako Incense for the first time feel the difference the moment they light it up. Majority of them say “It connects with you like no other incense do”

Wanchako's Palo Santo + Rosemary

"Medicine" This is how artisans of Wanchako treat its products. Also a Palo Santo Based Incense Stick, Wanchako's Palo Santo + Rosemary combines the positive and uplifting scent of Palo Santo with Rosemary's impressive cognitive stimulant properties. Rosemary is believed to help improve memory, boost alertness, intelligence and focus. A slightly floral and uplifting version of the original Pure Palo Santo Incense Stick, Palo Santo + Rosemary envelopes you with a very potent smolder ideal for invigorating the mind and getting your creative juices flowing. The perfect morning burn to conquer your daily challenging tasks. 

Size per Stick: 5CM x 1.5CM
Format: Pressed Pure Sacred Herbs / Holy Wood
Burning Time: 25-30 Minutes of Continuous Burning

Some of the Benefits of our Palo Santo + Rosemary Stick

- Highly effective in cleansing any space 
- Cognitive stimulant
- Boosts alertness, intelligence & focus. 
- Effective Body, Space and Mind Invigorator
- Used by native elders to aid cognitive and intuitive healing
- Sturdy anchor for spiritual ceremonies / rituals