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Deep Sacred Vibrations - An Advanced Sound Healing & Sacred Incenses Class

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Sacred Vibrations

Ready to take your relaxation to the next level? Our Deep Sacred Vibrations class offers all the benefits of our Sacred Vibrations class but in a more intimate and immersive setting. Imagine being in V432 Wellness' brand-new Sound Healing studio, designed by musicians, featuring a unique sound recirculator dome that makes the vibrations last longer and feel more vibrant.

With only 5 spots available per session, you’ll get more personalized and extended energy work. We’ve thought of everything to make you comfortable: cushions, pillows, bolster pillows, and eye masks are all provided to help you relax deeply. Enjoy the soothing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and the calming aromas of our best incenses. Join us for a truly transformative sound healing journey and find out how deeply you can relax.

Class Overview

 Energy Work Intensity Light < ●●○○ > Intense
Designed For Beginner < ●●○○ > Advanced
Max Number of Pax per Class 5 pax per class
Space Design Intimate
Class Facilities Sound Healing Studio - Designed by musicians and features a sound recirculator dome that bounces back; prolongs & makes the resonance of the bowls more vibrant. 
Comfort Cushioned Comfort. Studio will provide cushions, pillows, bolsters, eye pillows & blanket to make you feel toasty during the entire class.