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Sacred Vibrations - A Sound Healing & Sacred Incenses Class

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Sacred Vibrations

Imagine immersing yourself in soothing sounds and calming scents, guiding your mind and body into a state of pure relaxation. Our Sacred Vibrations class is all about helping you decompress and find deeper relaxation. Using the gentle tones of Tibetan singing bowls and the calming aroma of our best incenses, this class creates a truly decompressing experience. Join us for a unique journey of sound healing and discover how deeply you can relax.

Experience a multisensory symphony where the healing tones of sound bowls intertwine with the vivid imagery of ceremonial-grade incenses, pure resins & holy woods.

Class Overview

 Energy Work Intensity Light < ○○○ > Intense
Designed For Beginner < ○○○ > Advanced
Max Number of Pax per Class 10-15 pax per class
Space Design Community / Communal
Class Facilities Yoga Studio Setup
Comfort Bring your own yoga mats. Some studios may provide yoga mats but is not always guaranteed.