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Sacred Vibrations Flow - A Healing & Transcendental Sound Journey

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Sacred Vibrations Flow

Immerse yourself in a captivating sound journey with our Sacred Vibrations Flow class. This unique experience features an extended handpan flow, offering a deeper and more enchanting sound healing session than ever before. Paired with our most vivid incense offerings, the melodic and mesmerizing handpan rhythms will guide your mind through a mezmerizing & vivid transcendental journey.

Let the enchanting sounds and sacred aromas transport you, helping you explore memories and emotions with newfound ease. Join us for this unforgettable transcendental healing trip and discover the ultimate in relaxation and inner peace.

Class Overview

 Energy Work Intensity Light < ○○○ > Intense
Designed For Beginner < ○○○ > Advanced
Max Number of Pax per Class 10-15 pax per class
Space Design Community / Communal
Class Facilities Yoga Studio Setup
Comfort Bring your own yoga mats. Some studios may provide yoga mats but is not always guaranteed.