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Shoyeido - Miyako Sumi Charcoal (Type A - Rectangle)

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A cheaper alternative to enjoy your resins, wood chips & dried herbs. Our self igniting charcoal catches fire quickly. Make sure to read the instructions carefully to avoid burn injuries. 


How to use: 

1. IMPORTANT: This charcoal is infused with self-igniting materials. IT CATCHES FIRE QUICKLY. Make sure you have thongs or a fork around. 
2. Using a THONG or FORK. Pick your charcoal or if you're using a fork place your charcoal on top of it. Using a lighter or a candle try igniting the charcoal from its side or from the top. 
3. Place your burning charcoal on a fire-proof container. We strongly recommend using incense sand in a ceramic cup. If you don't have any incense sand you can always use some sea salt. Make sure the sand / salt is at least 1 1/2 inches thick. 
4. DON'T PLACE YOUR RESINS immediately after igniting your charcoal. Wait for your charcoal to turn to white/ash. Once it turns to white you can now place your chosen resin on top of your burning charcoal. 
6. Enjoy the aroma of your resin, wood chips or dry herbs.