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Shoyeido - Nana Metal Incense Holder

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"Nana" 2 ways by hanging it on rim of a bowl, 5 ways by putting it on a plate.

This product is shaped as the numeral “7.” In Japanese, “Nana” is the pronunciation for the number 7. Depending on the shape and style of your incense holder or tray, users can attach this holder on the rim of a small bowl, or place it on a plate.

Incense Burner Specifications

Brand: Shoyeido Japan Co. 
Material: Zinc Alloy 
Size:  3 x 1.8 CM
Color: Satin Gold 
Finish: Gold Plated
Ideal For: Japanese Incense Sticks

What's In The Box
1. Nana Metal Incense Burner