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Supreme Cleanse Bundle

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Supreme Cleanse Bundle

Feeling heavy & dense energies in your space? Moving in to a new house / condo? Setting up sacred spaces for intuitive works & ceremonial activities? Or you just want to uplift and lighten up your space? Our supreme cleanse bundle has everything you need to mobilize dense and stagnant negative energies out, invite new & positive ones in and ultimately contain and stabilize them in your space. 

You can choose between 3 varieties depending on the level of cleansing you and your space require. 

1. White Sage - Deep Cleanse
2. Sandalwood - Cleanse & Harmonize
3. Myrrh - Cleanse & Protect

This Bundle includes:

1 Box (4PCS) Wanchako Ceremonial Incense
5 Pcs (In Lobotanist Box) Temple of Incense Sticks (Choose Between 3 Scents)
2 Pcs Temple of Incense Big Cleanse Incense Sticks


For complete product information about the products in this bundle please click the links below:

Temple of Incense - White Sage Incense Sticks
Temple of Incense - Big Cleanse
Wanchako - Pure Palo Santo Ceremonial Incense