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Supreme Space Cleansing

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Are you ever overcome by an intense, unsettling feeling when you enter a particular room in your home? Or do you feel worn down and overwhelmed in your humble abode? Allow us to assist you in realigning the energies within your space and effectively dispelling any unwanted negativity. 

Introducing our Supreme Space Cleansing, where our expert practitioners will use only the highest grades of ceremonial incense and rare resins to effectively cleanse your space. This sacred combination is carefully selected to purify and uplift your surroundings, restoring peace, harmony, and bring it back into its state of flow.

Experience a transformative journey that uplifts your spirit and brings a renewed sense of well-being. Our Supreme Space Cleansing service uses a specific type of cleansing flow to effectively banish negative spots within your space, creating an environment that is enveloped with tranquility and positive energy. 

Embark on this exciting and friendly spiritual journey with us, and witness the profound impact of energy cleansing on your space. Discover a renewed sense of peace, harmony, and spiritual connection within your home.


Service Inclusions & Fine Print: 

  1. Includes the use of ceremonial-grade incense sticks & resins during the entire cleansing flow.
  2. Focused energy cleansing for "heavy" and extremely dense spots within your space. 
  3. 2 passes of energy purifying singing bowl
  4. 2 passes of energy healing chimes
  5. After-cleanse incense products


1. We'll get in touch via SMS / Email to fix and arrange schedule

2. To ensure an effective cleansing, we kindly request specific details about the space you want to be cleansed, particularly regarding its history and overall energy state. Please answer truthfully as this will enable our practitioners to equip themselves with the appropriate tools and correct strength/potency of aromatics to be used for the cleanse.

3. We reserve the right to decline any energetic or intuitive work on the spot. Our practitioners rely on their intuition to determine if certain spaces require a specialized skill set to be properly cleansed, considering their unique history and energetic state. Rest assured, any unrendered energetic or intuitive work will be fully refunded.

4. The prices listed are applicable to houses within Metro Manila only. For locations outside Metro Manila, mobilization charges will be discussed and coordinated prior to scheduling the service.