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Temple of Incense - Premium Oudh Masala

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Important: You need an oil burner, or acharcoal disc to use this product. Please refer to the the instructions below to learn how to use this vapor product. 

All About Temple of Incense

The Temple of Incense began in 2012, on a little market stall on Portobello Road, when two sisters from South London set out to bring you the best in world-class incense. The daily ritual of burning incense has been engrained in their lives for as long as they can remember, and they’ve dedicated everything to bringing that bit of magic into your homes. All their products are handmade with consciousness and positive intention. Their ingredients (vegan and cruelty-free) are found in all corners of the world to bring you the kind of incense that’s real luxury. It is artistry, alchemy in a stick - and let’s face it, you and your home deserve that level of love.

All About Oudh Masala

Our house Oudh masala incense is a decadent blend of gorgeous agarwood powders. Made especially for people that would like to enjoy the mystical, euphoric, deeply woody aroma of oudh, without the use of charcoal. You can use this oudh masala in your oil burner for a clean scent with barely any smoke.

It’s versatile so it’s also wonderful in one of our charcoal-free burners or even on charcoal as a traditional incense – just note that it will burn faster directly on charcoal tablets.

Seriously long-lasting fragrance and a little goes a long way.

- Ethically hand-made with love
- Masterfully created from the best quality oils and resins, sourced from around the world
- Non-toxic
- Cruelty-free


How to Use Oudh Masala

Using an Oil Burner (Recommended since this burning method produces the cleanest camphor vapor)

- Using a small spoon or spatula, get around 5 pinches of oudh masala powder
- Place the oudh masala powder on top of your oil burner.
- Make sure you light the tea candle inside your oil burner. 
- Let the powder release its scent slowly. 

Using a Charcoal Disc

Using a small spoon or spatula, get around 5 pinches of Oudh Masala Powder
- Light up your charcoal disc and place it on top of your incense burner. 
- Place the Oudh Masala Powder on top of of the burning charcoal disc and let the powder release its scent slowly.