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Teomati Sacred Copal

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All About Teomati (Mexico)

Teomati’s love of copal celebrates the Original traditions of the Americas, and their essential teachings for our troubled times. Whenever copal is burned or a Teomati stick is lit–either in a sacred ritual, a hearfelt prayer or a centering moment–, the white smoke carries forth the healing guidance and protective blessings of the Earth-based traditions of the Americas.

Teomati facilitates a relaxing, cleansing, and reconnecting experience with the Great Mystery. Soothing and cleansing body and mind, connecting worlds, thinning veils, awakening the heart, accompanying prayer, protecting pristine intentions. These are some of the essential qualities of copal.

Ancient alchemy reimagined

Traditional knowledge and alchemical wonders made possible for the copal resin to be handcrafted into stick form without sacrificing its quality and beneficial properties. 

All about Teomati Sacred Copal Incense

Size per Stick: 16CM (Burning Part) / 21CM (End to end with bamboo stick)
Format: Incense stick. Pure sacred resin in charcoal
Burning Time: 90 Minutes of continuous burning

Throughout Mesoamerica, and especially in México, copal has a long history of use. Recent research suggests that the use of copalli (Náhuatl term from which the Spanish “copal” derives from) stretches for thousands of years in different prehispanic sites such as the Templo Mayor of the capital city of Tenochtitlán, the Cenote Sagrado in Chichen Itza, and the Laguna de la Luna in Toluca, México.

Copal was highly valued and was used in different rituals, celebrations, and offerings throughout the year, given the belief that the white smoke enabled communication with deities and several natural forces.

The Otomi people “read” the copal’s smoke with the aid of a candle to diagnose disease; copal smudging is one of the most common preventive and therapeutic practices in traditional medicine; the Lacandon people craft receptacles dedicated to a particular god(des) in which copal is burned, thus “feeding” the divine abode of such deities. Copal’s importance was such that not only survived the arrival of the Spaniards but was adopted by them, becoming a common element in Church services.

Copal, when burned, produces a white smoke that Native Mesoamericans associate with Iztacteteo or “White Gods.” These gods, in turn, are believed to aid in the communication between humans and the Great Mystery. The column of white smoke created by copal burning represents the cosmic axis out of which the universe and all its creatures emerged and acts as the connecting thread between the worlds, between heaven and earth. The burning of copal calls upon the wisdom of the heart of all things and symbolizes the Mysterious center ever pulsating toward greater consciousness and connection.

Benefits of Teomati's Sacred Copal Incense Stick

- Highly effective stress reliever
- Releases negative energy and connects with positive energy
- Good for physical and spiritual cleansing
- Ideal for Smudging & Other Ritual / Ceremonial Uses
- Powerful in setting up sacred spaces
- Ideal for Reiki
- Good for meditation purposes
- Perfect daily altar offering