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PUReSINS - White Copal 35G

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The Lobotonist PUReSINS line is a collection of pure & high-grade incense resins sourced from across the globe. A complete line catering to the discerning burner, each The Lobotanist PUReSINS variety carries a delicate and multifaceted aroma that will allure your senses and ignite your soul. Ranging from the rarest and highest grade of Frankincense to the more subtle Copal varieties that are considered to be spiritual staples, The Lobotanist PUReSINS line invites everybody to dive deeper in their incense burning journey. Consider PUReSINS as a closer study in understanding and appreciating incenses in their pure form, the way ancient civilizations and our ancestors do it. 
All About White Copal
In South America, this copal is revered, similar to how frankincense is revered in europe and the middle east.
Due to its strong, illuminating energy, the white copal is an important raw material for incense rituals.
Copal resin is burned all year long in churches in Mexico and has also been used as an offering to the gods in Central America. It’s well-known for its use in Mexican homes on the Day of the Dead. It is said that the familiar scent of copal helps souls find their way back during their annual visit home. Indigenous Mesoamericans perceived copal as the food of the gods, as corn is the food of the people; they symbolised this by moulding copal into ears of corn.

Copal unites the energising force of the Sun with the grounding, transmutative properties of the Earth. A powerful yet gentle healer and cleanser, copal draws out and transmutes negative energy of all kinds on all levels. Copal aids in physical self-healing, emotional healing from depression, and environmental cleansing. It opens and cleanses all the chakras. Highly protective, copal incense also aids in the manifestation of ideas to reality. The life force trapped within copal promotes fertility and, as such, it is often used to prepare a healing or birthing room.